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Data Art project sponsors

Data Art with BBC Backstage

University of Westminster Project Team //

  • Tom Corby

    Tom Corby

    Tom is the project Research Fellow. He is the deputy Director of the Centre for Research in Art and Media at the University of Westminster. His research explores how artists and designers can employ digital information as an expressive medium. He studied Fine Art at Middlesex University and has a PhD from Chelsea College of Art & Design.

  • Gavin Baily

    Gavin Baily

    Gavin is the project Researcher. He is a producer and developer, and founder of TraceMedia. He specialises in R&D projects mainly in education, digital-arts, and architecture. Recent work includes visualisation apps for BBC Learning, the Natural History Museum and UOW. He studied Fine Art at the Ruskin, and Computer Science at UCL.

BBC Learning Project Team //

  • Andy Littledale

    Andy Littledale

    Andy has a Masters degree in Information Systems and Computing, a BA in Philosophy and 10 years experience building websites. He works as a freelance producer for BBC Learning and is also an experienced Flash developer.

  • Harry Robbins

    Harry Robbins

    Harry works for the BBC's Product Development unit creating prototypes for semantic navigation tools. He studied politics at university and spends his spare time creating an animated version of Das Kapital.

  • Jonathan Mackenzie

    Jonathan Mackenzie

    Jonathan Mackenzie has worked for over twenty years on research projects that overlap art, science and computing. He is particularly interested in algorithms as creative tools, and in complexity science. He has recently worked with Cambridge University, and the BBC, and has a PhD from King's College London.

AHRC and University of Westminster //

  • AHRC logo


    The University of Westminster's contribution to this project is funded by the AHRC. Each year the AHRC provides funding from the Government to support research and postgraduate study in the arts and humanities, from archaeology and English literature to design and dance. For further information on the AHRC, please see their website.

  • Westminster University

    University of Westminster

    The Centre for Research and Education in Arts and Media (CREAM) at the University of Westminster is one of the UK's leading centres for research in visual and media arts, design and music.