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Data Art with BBC Backstage

All our visualisations are based on BBC data. In some cases we will create data sources ourselves (Jungle for example), in other cases we hope to tap into existing data sources that are not currently available to the public (Infax for example). We will also be using data sources that are already open to the public (eg BBC News Feeds).

Data Sources //

Type Name Description Related Visualisations
data set Jungle

This is a dataset that has been created by scraping all the pages of bbc.co.uk. It contains metadata about the BBC website and we will use it to create visualisations that look at the structure and content of a website that contains millions of pages.

We hope to release an API to this data at some point in the future

data feed BBC News RSS

This is a publically available RSS feed published by the BBC News website.
It allows the creation of custom RSS feeds. For example, if you wanted a feed collating all news and sport stories which are tagged with the word gorilla you would find it here http://newsapi.bbc.co.uk/feeds/search/news+sport/gorilla

data set BBC Music API

An API created by the BBC Music website http://www.bbc.co.uk/music/developers#api