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  • Weyeser Explorer - Obama 2010Weyeser Explorer - Obama 2010

This version of Weyeser Explorer here allows you to interact with the Cluster analysis of Guardian articles about 'Obama' from 2010.

The visualisation presents all Guardian Open Platform search results for ‘Obama’ in 2010. The stories are represented by dots, and laid out in clusters according to how related they are to each other. So, for example, all stories about the BP oil spill will be positioned near the annotation ‘oil, spill, gulf’, and stories about the Iraq war fall near ‘iraq, troops, military’. These three word annotations indicate common keywords in that area of the map.

Clusters that are more closely related are also positioned closer together, so ‘muslim, centre, protest’ with stories about the ground zero protests is close to ‘quida, bomb, terrorism’ and ‘intelligence, attack, terrorism’.

When you click on an annotation the stories that most relate to the keywords are highlighted, and listed on the right. This will include stories in different locations of the map, when they also relates to other annotations. If you click ‘labour, cameron, tories’, you see stories relating to David Cameron near ‘taliban, Afghanistan, afghan’ and ‘iraq, troops, military’.

The cluster map and annotations were produced by Weyeser who specialise in clustering and classifying text documents. The software is particularly well suited to the process of navigation and discovery in large sets of unstructured data.


Weyeser Explorer //

Instructions //

  • Click on an annotation to highlight all related stories.
  • Use the map scroll and zoom controls to navigate, and click and drag on the map background to pan.
  • Use the timeslider to filter by time and play through the stories.
  • Click on story dots or titles to link to the Guardian article.


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  • WeyeserArticles clustered around - Wikileaks, Cable and Documents